Pfrundweg 14
5000 Aarau / Switzerland

Tel: +41 62 832 1024
Fax: +41 62 832 1021

Saxobran Fibre Materials, established in 2002 provides specialist consultancy and supplies technology for the Technical Papers and Wet Laid Nonwovens industries world wide. Saxobran focuses on advanced materials formed from high performance synthetic and natural fibres. This includes:
  • Polyaramids / PPS / Polyimids and similar
  • Carbon
  • Glass
  • PET / PA / Acrylics / PPP / PP/ and CoPolymer/Polymer fibres

Saxobran has extensive manufacturing experience in forming high performance fibres into papers and nonwovens to meet demanding product specifications. Typical applications are:
  • Structural Composites
  • Battery separators
  • Super-Capacitors
  • Fuel-Cells
  • Electrical Insulation Materials
  • Membranes
  • Filter media
  • Furniture materials

We work closely with clients through the product development phase, manufacturing scale up and assist in marketing of the finished product. This includes:
  • Designing products and processes compatible with clients manufacturing capability
  • Recommendation and installation of plant upgrades
  • Testing of fibre compositions
  • Running trials
  • Testing and qualification of finished products
  • Worldwide product marketing.

For further information, please e-mail Saxobran at the above address.

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